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Dr. Keith Markus publishes “Philosophical methodology and axiomatic measurement theory: A comment on Uher (2021)”

Dr. Keith A. Markus, Ph.D., faculty member of the Quantitative Psychology subprogram, published “Philosophical methodology and axiomatic measurement theory: A comment on Uher (2021)” in the Journal of Theoretical and Philosophical Psychology. Markus proposes three methodological principles that can be used to apply axiomatic measurement theory. Read the article here! 

Article Abstract:

Uher (2021) provided a valuable integrative synthesis of varied issues related to the philosophical assumptions of psychometrics viewed from the perspective of axiomatic measurement theory. However, much of the presentation is unlikely to effectively persuade psychometricians. Three methodological principles, internal criticism, parity, and charity, can help render such work more accessible and persuasive to psychometricians. Uher’s article offers a helpful opportunity to consider how these principles might be applied. Ultimately, however, abstract argument is likely to be less persuasive than successful concrete applications of axiomatic measurement theory. 

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