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Keith A. Markus, Ph.D.

Dr. Keith Markus publishes on Causation and Counterfactuals in Economics and Philosophy

Below is a post written by Keith A. Markus, Ph.D. He is currently a Professor in the Psychology Department at John Jay College of Criminal Justice. He serves on the graduate faculty of the CUNY Graduate Center in the Quantitative Psychology subprogram of the Educational Psychology Doctoral Program and in the Industrial and Organizational Psychology and Forensic Psychology subprograms within the Psychology Doctoral Program. (more…)

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Marcy Zipke

Playing with Language

By Marcy Zipke “Knock, knock!” “Who’s there?”“Tennis!”“Tennis, who?”“Ten is my favorite number!!!!” The knock knock joke above was the first successful joke I ever wrote. I was about 5 or 6 years old and obsessed with knock knock jokes. The problem is that I didn’t have the metalinguistic awareness (MA) to understand how they worked, […]

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Fostering Students’ Digital Media Literacy, an Interview with Dr. Sarah McGrew, Dr. Patricia Brooks, and Jessica Brodsky

The following interview took place on April 17th, 2020. Maya Rose (Scholarly Communication Fellow) interviewed Dr. Sarah McGrew, Dr. Patricia Brooks, and Jessica Brodsky about their timely research on media literacy. Bios for each contributor are included at the end of the post. (more…)

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© 2019 Chris McVeigh

Adapting Research Amidst COVID-19: Reflections and Tips

By Maya Rose and Teresa Ober, Ph.D* * authors contributed equally to this blog post Introduction The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about challenges to graduate and early career researchers, wreaking havoc on their research plans and causing yet unknown downstream consequences on career opportunities. Though we don’t yet know the long-term impact of the pandemic […]

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Teaching graduate statistics online? Some thoughts on pitfalls and opportunities

The following blog post was written by Dr. Jay Verkuilen. This post is part of a blog series about transitioning to distance learning during the COVID-19 pandemic.  I’ve taught graduate statistics since 2007 and a good bit of undergraduate statistics before that. I’ve only taught online a few times due to necessity. COVID-19 has pushed a […]

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Connecting Game-Based Learning and Developmental Theory of Play

The following blog post was written by Charles Raffaele and Hamadi Henderson: We are proud to have published a chapter with Dr. Bruce Homer in the new book Handbook of Game-Based Learning (edited by Plass, Mayer and Homer), titled “Games as Playful Learning: Implications of Developmental Theory for Game-Based Learning”. The chapter argues for a […]

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Converting to online learning during a pandemic

The following blog post was written by Sydne McCluskey. Sydne is a PhD Student in the Ed Psych Program, specializing in Quantitative Methods. She is interested broadly in psychometrics; her recent research has focused on item analysis in the early stages of test development and on developing Generalized SEM approaches to analyzing both rater and […]

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Dr. Alison Puliatte

My Life after the Graduate Center, CUNY: Experiences of an Educational Psychology Alumna

Below is a post written by Alison Puliatte, Ph.D. Dr. Puliatte is an Assistant Professor in Childhood Education at SUNY Plattsburgh. She earned a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology with a concentration in Learning, Development and Instruction from the CUNY Graduate Center.  I completed my degree in Educational Psychology specializing in Learning, Development, and Instruction at […]

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Dr. Peggy P. Chen

Systematic Classroom Assessment: An Approach for Learning and Self-Regulation

Below is a post written by Peggy P. Chen, Ph.D and Sarah M. Bonner, Ph.D. Dr. Chen is an Associate Professor of Educational Psychology in the School of Education at Hunter College and serves on the graduate faculty of the CUNY Graduate Center in the Learning, Development and Instruction subprogram of the Educational Psychology Doctoral Program. Dr. Bonner […]

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