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As those have you who are teaching this semester have moved all of your classes to online instruction, we wanted to provide you with some resources to support moving your class(es) to distant learning while also prioritizing your pedagogical values.

Here are some resources:

  1. First, you are not alone: At this point, almost 1000 instructors across CUNY’s campuses are discussing distant learning methods. There’s a “Slack workspace” for all CUNY faculty who need assistance transitioning to courses online, available here: In order to be able to log in, you need an account and password which you can sign up for here. (Do you want to know how to use Slack? Here is a handy guide!)
  2. Get to know the student group you’re working with by asking them to fill out an instruction planning survey like this one.
  3. HASTAC (Humanities, Arts, Science, and Technology Alliance and Collaboratory) – Thoughts & Resources for Those About to Start Teaching Online Due to COVID-19.
  4. Tools for transitioning to online instruction and teaching online. Developed by the TLC Staff and Visible Pedagogy Project at the GC. 
  5. Graduate Student Teaching Association Blog
  6. Creating tests and surveys on blackboard:
  7. Remote Teaching Resources – a Google Doc curated by Jacqueline Wernimont (Dartmouth) and Cathy N. Davidson (CUNY Grad Center)
  8. GC Digital Initiatives resources:
  9. Education Companies Offering Free Subscriptions: Listed here in a google doc 

We are all in this together. Please add links to resources that have helped you transition to online instruction in the comment section below. We will then add them to the list above.  We will also continue to work with fellow Ed Psych students, faculty, and alumni to make sure that scholarly accomplishments and publications are shared online and with communities inside and outside of CUNY. Check out the rest of the Hub Site to stay up to date!

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