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Burnout may not be a distinct syndrome

Dr. Renzo Bianchi and Educational Psychology faculty Jay Verkuilen & Irvin Schonfeld’s meta-analysis titled “Is burnout a depressive condition? A 14-sample meta-analytic and bifactor analytic study” was featured in the Association for Psychological Science Observer.

Interested in reading the meta-analysis? Click here.

Other related articles:

Schonfeld, I. S., Verkuilen, J., & Bianchi, R. (2019). Inquiry into the correlation between burnout and depression. Journal of occupational health psychology24(6), 603.

Bianchi, R., Schonfeld, I. S., & Verkuilen, J. (2020). A five‐sample confirmatory factor analytic study of burnout‐depression overlap. Journal of clinical psychology76(4), 801-821.

Verkuilen, J., Bianchi, R., Schonfeld, I. S., & Laurent, E. (2020). Burnout–depression overlap: Exploratory structural equation modeling bifactor analysis and network analysis. Assessment, 1073191120911095.

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