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Dr. Keith Markus publishes article “On epistemic violence in psychological science”

Keith A. Markus, Ph.D.

Dr. Keith A. Markus, Ph.D., faculty member of the Quantitative Psychology subprogram, published an article titled “On epistemic violence in psychological science” in Theory & Psychology. In this article, he comments on Held (2020)’s “Epistemic violence in psychological science: Can knowledge of, from, and for the (othered) people solve the problem?”
Held (2020) questioned the support for rejecting all objective knowledge as a response to epistemological violence. However, the argument presented appears to understate the support for its conclusion due to its structure. Also, the scientist/folk dichotomy invites further attention from the perspective of Derridean deconstruction. The root of the epistemological violence problem seems to be the characterization of knowledge production as a solitary activity and Habermas’s discourse ethics offers a form of objective knowledge which avoids this characterization and can thus fend off epistemological violence without a wholesale rejection of objectivity. 
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