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Jessica Brodsky and Dr. Patricia Brooks: “Why Teach Media Literacy to Undergraduates?”

Jessica E. Brodsky (left) and Dr. Patricia J. Brooks (right)


In their first contribution as Guest Editors and Contributing Writers on the Visible Pedagogy Project, PhD Student Jessica Brodsky and Professor Patricia Brooks discuss the need to integrate media literacy instruction into college courses.

Read their post titled, Why Teach Media Literacy to Undergraduates? on the Visible Pedagoy Site here

Brodsky and Brooks posted their second blog titled, “Debunking Fake News: Teaching Undergraduates Skills Used by Expert Face-Checkers.”

As part of the Digital Polarization Initiative, Brodsky and Brooks are conducting critical research on fact-checking and media literacy. Each semester they create online assignments with civics course instructors consisting of current event articles that students are required to fact-check. During each assignment, students watch content acquisition podcasts (CAPs) where they are reminded about their fact-checking strategies. 

Want to learn more about CAPs and instructor’s responses to this initiative? Read the blog HERE

Stay tuned for more contributions from PhD student Elizabeth Che!


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