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Charles Raffaele completes his proposal of his dissertation research!

Charles Raffaele has recently completed his proposal of his dissertation research. The dissertation will investigate best formats of multimedia instruction for learning of second language reading and listening skills. Specifically, the study will determine whether non-redundant multimedia (video and narration simultaneously, with text non-concurrent) is learned from better than redundant multimedia (video and narration with text simultaneously), in terms of Spanish reading and listening instruction. Charles’ other research also focuses on second language learning, playful learning, and the interplay between these.

In addition, he is writing a scholarship of teaching and learning paper to submit for publication. Charles has co-authored a paper on a video game for teaching executive function skills, and a chapter on theory of playful learning. He is an active member of the CHILD Lab, the Graduate Student Teaching Association (GSTA), and the Studying & Self-Regulated Learning AERA SIG (SIG SSRL). He is an editor and chapter author for the GSTA’s upcoming “How We Teach Now” Vol. 2 e-book (book theme: transformative teaching), and he is the guest editor of the SIG SSRL’s upcoming Times Magazine for October 2019. Charles is the webmaster of the SIG SSRL ( and DE-CRUIT ( websites. The latter represents the DE-CRUIT non-profit organization, which helps veterans with post-traumatic stress through communal theatrical classes utilizing the texts of Shakespeare.

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  1. Kelvin Wallace November 8, 2019 at 7:42 pm #

    Congratulations Charles! Looking forward to your dissertation.

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